SL100 transistor

SL100 transistor
SL100 transistor

SL100 transistor electrical specification

  • SL100 is an NPN general-purpose medium power transistor device
  • Collector to emitter voltage is 50V
  • Collector to base voltage is 60V
  • Emitter to base voltage is 5V
  • Collector current is 5A
  • Power dissipation is 800mW
  • DC current gain is 25 to 300hFE
  • Junction temperature is between -65 to 200℃
  • Collector to emitter saturation voltage (VCE (SAT)) is6V
  • Output capacitance is 20pF
  • Ruggedness is high
  • Easy drive requirement
  • High safe operating area
  • Less distortion balancing

SL100 transistor Pinout

SL100 transistor Pinout
SL100 transistor Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Collector Current flows through the collector
2 Base The base is the terminal used to trigger the transistor
3 Emitter  Current flows through the emitter


SL100 transistor package

The device package used at the SL100 transistor in the TO-39 package is a medium power device.

TO-39 package is made of metal can-shaped material, and the temperature capacity of the component is high.

At the package a marking is for the PINOUT counting, emitter, collector, and base, the SL100 transistor is used for high-end applications.

Marking the case

The “SL100” is the marking used on the transistor package

SL100 transistor electrical specification description

In this section, we try to explain the electrical specifications of the SL100 transistor, this explanation is really helpful for the replacement process.

Voltage specs

The terminal voltage specs of the SL100 transistor are collector to emitter voltage is 50V, collector to base voltage is 60V, and emitter to base 5V, and it is a general-purpose medium power device.

The collector to emitter saturation voltage is 0.6V, it is the switching of the device at region switching.

The voltage specifications of the SL100 transistor shows, that it is a medium power device mainly used for amplifier applications.

Current specs

The collector current value of the SL100 transistor is 0.5A, it is the load capacity of the device.

The current specifications of the device show that they had medium power switching and charging applications.

Dissipation specs

The power dissipation of the SL100 transistor is 800mW, the dissipation capability will mainly depend on the device package.

Current gain specs

The current gain value of the SL100 transistor is 25 to 300hFE, the DC current gain values indicate the amplification capacity of the transistor.

Junction temperature

 The junction temperature of -65 to 200℃, which is a general-purpose transistor temperature value of capacity.

Thermal resistance

The thermal resistance of the SL100 transistor case is 200℃/W

Output capacitance

The output capacitance of the SL100 transistor is 20Pf

SL100 transistor DATASHEET

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

SL100 transistor equivalent

The transistor devices such as PN100, BC548B, 2N23867, 2CF2325, 2N3904, A1941, BC301, and P2N2369 are the equivalent of SL100.

The electrical specifications of these transistors are the same, this is why we use them as the equivalent of an SL100 transistor.

The SL100 transistor is a medium power transistor mainly used for high-end systems, so before the replacement process, we need to check and verify the PINOUT details of the transistors.

SL100 vs BC301 vs PN100

In the table below, we try to list the electrical specifications of SL100, BC301, and PN100 transistors. This comparison will be really helpful for the replacement process.

Collector to base voltage (VCB)     60V90V75V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE)50V60V45V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)5V7V6V
Collector to emitter saturation voltage (VCE (SAT))0.6V0.5V0.2 to 0.4V
Collector current (IC)0.5A500mA500mA
Power dissipation800mW850mW625mW
Junction temperature (TJ)-65 to +200°C-65 to +200°C-55 to +150°C
Output capacitance20pF-4.5pF
Transition frequency-100 to 400MHz250MHz
Gain (hFE)25 to 300hFE40 to 240hFE80 to 450hFE

The SL100 and BC301 transistors had almost the same electrical and physical characteristics.

The PN100 transistor is a different device mainly used for amplifier applications, this is they had high DC current gain and package specs.

SL100 transistor applications

  • Switching applications
  • Amplifier applications
  • Logic gate applications
  • Radio transmission applications
  • Signal processing applications
  • Sound reproducing applications
  • Solar charger circuits
  • Gas sensor applications

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