S9018 transistor

S9018 transistor
S9018 transistor

S9018 transistor specification

  • It is a HIGH current gain NPN transistor
  • Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) is 18V
  • Collector to base voltage (VCB) is 25V
  • Emitter to base voltage (VEB) is 4V
  • Collector current is (IC) is 50mA
  • Power dissipation is (Pd) is 4W
  • DC current gain (hFE) is 28 to 270hFE
  • Transition frequency (TF) is 600MHz
  • Collector to emitter breakdown voltage (V (BR) CEO) is 18V
  • Collector to emitter saturation voltage (VCE (SAT)) is 5V
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is between –55 to 150℃
  • Bandwidth of this transistor is (FT= 1.1GHz)

S9018 transistor Pinout

S9018 transistor Pinout
S9018 transistor Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Emitter Current flows through the emitter 
2 Base   Base is used to trigger the transistor and control the current flow
3 Collector Current flows through the collector


S9018 transistor package

The transistor package used at S9018 is TO-92, this particular package is very comfortable for complex circuit networks.

S9018 transistor specification

The S9018 transistor is a HIGH current gain bandwidth device mostly used in the communication system.

In this section we try to explain the electrical specification of the S9018 transistor, this is useful for those who make the circuit.

Voltage specs

The collector to base voltage is 25v, collector to emitter voltage is 18v, and emitter to base voltage is 4v, each of these terminal voltage specs shows that it is a medium power transistor device used for communication circuits.

Current specs

The collector current is 50mA for the S9018 transistor, the overall power of the transistor shows that it is a medium transistor.

Dissipation specs

Overall power dissipation of the S9018 transistor is 0.4w, it is a low power dissipating transistor device.

Current gain specs

The current gain at the S9018 transistor is 28 to 270hFE, the high current gain specs reflect at bandwidth, this is the very important specification for a communication system component.

Transition frequency specs

The transition frequency of S9018 is 600MHz, the high-frequency value states the communication background of this transistor.

Junction temperature

The junction temperature of -55 to 150℃, this is the most common temperature value for a medium power transistor.

S9018 transistor DATASHEET

S9018 transistor DATASHEET
S9018 transistor DATASHEET

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

S9018 transistor equivalent

The transistor devices such as 2SC9018, 2SC9018D, 2SC9018E, 2SC9018F, and JE9018E.

Each of the above transistor devices had almost the same electrical and physical specifications, at the replacement of S9018 we can easily replace S9018 with these transistors.

S9018 vs 2SC9018 vs JE9018E

The table shows the comparison of electrical specifications of S9018 vs 2SC9018 vs JE9018E.

Collector to base voltage (VCB)25V30V30V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE)18V15V15V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)4V5V-
Collector current (IC)50mA50mA0.05A
Power dissipation0.4W0.5W0.4W
Junction temperature (TJ)-55 to 150°C150°C150°C
Transition frequency (FT)600MHZ900 to 1100MHZ1100MHZ
Noise (N)---
Gain (hFE)28 to 270hFE28 to 198hFE-

From the above electrical specification comparison, we can see each of these transistors had the same specs, but the transition frequency is higher for 2sc9018 and JE9018E transistors than S9018.

Uses S9018 transistor

Wireless communication systems

S9018 transistor characteristics curve

DC current gain curve
DC current gain curve

The above graph shows the DC current gain curve, the graph is plotted between dc current gain vs collector current.

The DC current gain characteristics curve linearly increases, this shows that both the quantities will increase proportionally.

current gain-bandwidth characteristics curve
current gain-bandwidth characteristics curve

The graph shows the current gain-bandwidth characteristics curve of the S9018 transistor, the graph is plotted between current gain bandwidth vs collector current.

The current gain bandwidth graph plots as a parabolic shape, which means the current gain bandwidth will drop at a point and collector current becomes constant.

S9018 transistor circuit

S9018 transistor circuit
S9018 transistor circuit

The figure shows the FM wireless transmitter circuit using the S9018 transistor, the bandwidth frequency range of the transistor will help to build a communication circuit.

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