S8050 transistor

S8050 transistor
S8050 transistor

S8050 specification

  • It is a bipolar NPN Transistor
  • DC Current Gain range is 40 to 400hFE
  • Collector current (IC) is 700mA
  • Collector to base Voltage (VCB) is 30V
  • Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) is 20v
  • Emitter to base voltage (VEB) is 5V
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is 150°C
  • Power dissipation at the transistor is 1W
  • Transition frequency (FT) is 100MHz

 S8050 transistor pinout

S8050 transistor pinout
S8050 transistor pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Emitter The current flows through emitter
2 Base The base terminal triggers the transistor
3 Collector Current flows through the collector


TO-92 package

The S8050 transistor had a TO-92 transistor package, it is a very common package used for many merits.

The TO-92 package is made with epoxy and plastic material, the compactness and less expensive is one of the advantages of this package.

The main disadvantage of this TO-92 package-based transistor is that it didn’t handle a higher power value, so at the replacement, we need to check all the parameters.

S8050 Description

An S8050 transistor works as a low voltage, high current transistor device at the applications and so due to this reason the S8050 transistors had more general-purpose applications circuits.

The current gain value of the S8050 transistor will start at 40 to 400hFE, the amplifier and voltage regulator circuits mainly consider the current gain value.

The S8050 transistor had a maximum collector current value of 700mA, the maximum current value determine the peak load allowable to the S8050 transistor.

The S8050 transistor had the maximum power dissipation of 1w, the power dissipation at the transistor device, determine the maximum allowable power dissipation from the device without any damage.

The transition frequency on this S8050 transistor is 100MHZ, it is an important factor in switching applications.

The junction temperature of the S8050 transistor is 150°C.

S8050 transistor datasheet 

S8050 transistor datasheet 
S8050 transistor datasheet

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

S8050 transistor Equivalent 

The transistor equivalent for the S8050 transistor will be S9013, S9014, 2n5551, 2n5830, mps6602, mpsw01ag.

Every transistor in this list is an NPN transistor, at the replacement process we need to cross-refer electrical specifications because some of the transistors on the list had higher voltage and current values.

 S8050 vs BC547 vs S8550 vs 2n2222

The table below is used to compare each of the transistors, S8050 vs BC547 and S8550 vs 2n2222.

The comparison between transistors is based on the electrical characteristics, this will help those who need replacement transistors for S8050.

CharacteristicsS8050S8550 (PNP)BC5472N2222
Collector to base voltage (VCB)30V-30V60V30V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE)20V-20V30V60V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)5V-5V5V5V
Collector current (IC)700mA-700mA800mA800mA
Power dissipation1W1W500mW500mW
Junction temperature (TJ)150°C150°C150°C200°C
Transition frequency (FT)100MHZ100MHZ300MHZ250MHZ
Noise (N)--10dB-
Gain (hFE)40 to 400hFE40to 400hFE110 to 800hFE30 to 300Hfe

S8050 transistor uses

  • Class B amplifier circuits
  • Push-pull amplifier circuits
  • Switching circuits
  • Low voltage circuits applications
  • High current circuits
  • Small signal applications

S8050 transistor amplifier circuit

S8050 transistor amplifier circuit
S8050 transistor amplifier circuit

The figure shows the circuit of the class B amplifier using S8050 and its complementary transistor.

This is a model circuit of the amplifier, the circuit consists of two transistors S8050 NPN transistor and its push-pull pair S8550 PNP transistor.

The audio signal reaches the transistors separately, both of them equally contribute to the amplification process.

And at output both the transistor output combined and reaches the speaker load.

S8050 transistor switch

S8050 transistor switch
S8050 transistor switch

The figure shows the model for the S8050 transistor switch, the switching operation of the transistor is a common application.

But the S8050 transistor could handle medium current, so for that reason in this example we you motor to switch.

When the circuit closes, the transistor triggers ON and allows the current to the motor only at the condition where the control signal reaches it.

And also we can control the OFF time of the transistor and control the motor.

Tip31 transistor price

The S8050 is a low voltage and high current transistor device, most of the applications of the S8050 transistor are general purpose.

The price for an S8050 transistor is 15rupees for 5piece or 0.20USD dollars.

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