IRLB4132 is a semiconductor POWER MOSFET device mainly used for high-speed switching applications.

IRLB4132 MOSFET specification

  • IRLB4132 is an N-channel silicon POWER MOSFET transistor device
  • Drain to source voltage (V DS) is 30V
  • Gate to source voltage (VGS) is +/- 20V
  • Gate to the threshold voltage (VGS (th)) is 35V, 1.8V & 2.35V
  • Drain current (ID) is 150A
  • Pulsed drain current (IDM) is 620A
  • Power dissipation (PD) is 140W
  • Total gate charge (Qg) is 36 to 54nC
  • Rise time (tr) is 92ns
  • Thermal resistance junction to case (Rth j-C) is 11℃/W
  • Junction temperature/ storage temperature range (TJ/Tstg) is between -55 to 175℃
  • Body diode reverse recovery (trr) 29 to 44ns
  • Input capacitance is 5110pF
  • Output capacitance is 960pF
  • Very low on-state resistance
  • Ultra-low gate impedance
  • Fully characterized avalanche voltage and current

IRLB4132 Pinout

IRLB4132 Pinout
IRLB4132 Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 GATE The gate terminal is used to trigger the MOSFET device
2 DRAIN The drain is the input terminal of the MOSFET
3 SOURCE In the source, terminal current flows out from the MOSFET 


IRLB4132 package

IRLB4132 is an N-channel POWER MOSFET that has a TO-220AB package, it is a three-terminal package made with epoxy/plastic material, this will gives the package more compactness and higher temperature capacity.

TO-220AB is a through-hole transistor package, it had a metal coating at the back side of the package, which is used to transfer heat to the heat sink.

IRLB4132 electrical specification explanation 

Here we explain the electrical specifications of the IRLB4132 POWER MOSFET device, this is very useful for a better understanding of the device and also supports the replacement process.

Voltage specs

Voltage specs of IRLB4132 MOSFET are a drain to source voltage is 30V, the gate to source voltage is 20V, and the gate threshold voltage is 1.35V, 1.8V, and 2.35V.

The specification of IRLB4132 MOSFET shows that it is low voltage device which having enormous low-voltage applications.

Current specs

The current value of IRLB4132 MOSFET is 150A, the current specs of a semiconductor indicate the maximum load capacity.

The pulsed current value of IRLB4132 MOSFET is 620A, it is always four times larger than the current value.

Dissipation specs

The power dissipation of IRLB4132 MOSFET is 140W, it is the dissipation ability of the MOSFET device.

Junction temperature/storage temperature

The junction temperature/storage temperature of the IRLB4132 is –55 to +175℃.

Thermal resistance junction to case

The thermal resistance, junction to the case of IRLB4132 MOSFET is 1.11℃/W

Input capacitance

The input capacitance value of IRLB4132 MOSFET is 5110Pf.

Body diode reverse recovery time

The reverse recovery time value of IRLB4132 MOSFET is 29 to 44ns.

Rise time

The rise time value of IRLB4132 MOSFET is 92ns, it is the switching speed of the semiconductor device.


If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link


The MOSFET devices such as IRLB4030, IRFZ24NL, IRFIP054, IRFI7446G, and IRFI7536G are the equivalent device of IRLB4132 MOSFET, each of these devices has the same electrical specifications, so we can easily replace them with IRLB4132 MOSFET.

IRLB4132 MOSFET devices are been mainly used for low-voltage applications and power supply applications, so we need to check and verify the specs such as current and voltage values. 

IRLB4132 vs IRLB4030

We list and compare the electrical specifications of IRLB4132 and IRLB4030 MOSFETs, this is used for a clear about the device and is useful for the replacement process.

Drain to source   voltage (VDS))30V100V
Gate-to-source voltage (VGS)+/-20V+/-16V
Gate threshold voltage (Vg(th))1.35V, 1.8V and 2.35V1 to 2V
Drain current (ID)150A180A
Pulsed drain current620A730A
Total gate charge (Qg)36Nc to 54Nc87 to 130nC
Power dissipation (PD)140W370W
Junction temperature (TJ)-55 to +175°C-55 to +175℃
Thermal resistance, junction to case1.11℃/W     0.40℃/W
Rise time (tr)92ns330ns
Input capacitance5120pF11360pF
Reverse recovery time (trr)29 to 44ns50 to 60ns

Graphical characteristics of IRLB4132 MOSFET

output characteristics of IRLB4132 MOSFET
output characteristics of IRLB4132 MOSFET

The figure shows the output characteristics of IRLB4132 MOSFET, the graph plots the drain to source current vs drain to source voltage.

At the different gate-to-source values, the drain current increases from zero and forms curves with respect to voltage values.

maximum safe operating area of IRLB4132 MOSFET
maximum safe operating area of IRLB4132 MOSFET

The graph shows the maximum safe operating area of IRLB4132 MOSFET, the graph plots the drain to source voltage vs drain to source voltage, on-state resistance, and switching speed.

Applications of IRLB4132

  • High-performance UPS
  • Inverter circuit
  • Low voltage power tool applications
  • Power supply circuit
  • Solar charger circuit
  • Battery charger circuit
  • BMS systems
  • SMPS circuits

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