IRF634 specification

  • IRF634 is an N-channel POWER MOSFET
  • Drain to source voltage (VDS) is 250V
  • Gate to source voltage (VGS) is +/- 20V
  • Gate to the threshold voltage (VGS (th)) is 2V to 4V
  • Drain current (ID) is 1A
  • Pulsed drain current (IDM) is 32A
  • Power dissipation (PD) is 74W
  • Total gate charge (Qg) is 41nC
  • Drain to source on-state resistance (RDS (ON)) 045Ω
  • Rise time (tr) is 21ns
  • Peak diode recovery dv/dt is 8V/ns
  • Thermal resistance junction to case (Rth j-C) is 7℃/W
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is between -55 to 150℃
  • Body diode reverse recovery (trr) 220 to 440ns
  • Input capacitance is 770pf
  • Output capacitance is 190pf
  • Dynamic dv/dt rating
  • Repetitive avalanche rated
  • Fast switching
  • Ease of paralleling
  • Simple drive requirement

IRF634 Pinout

IRF634 Pinout
IRF634 Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 GATE The gate terminal will be used to trigger the MOSFET device
2 DRAIN The drain is the input terminal of the MOSFET
3 SOURCE In the source, terminal current flows out from the MOSFET 


IRF634 package

IRF634 is a POWER MOSFET device that had a TO-220AB package, it is a three-terminal package made of epoxy/plastic material.

TO-220AB package offers higher temperature-withstanding capacity within a compact outer covering.

TO-220AB is a through-hole bulkier package, so we need to attach a heat sink to it.

IRF634 electrical specification explanation & application note

Here we explain the electrical specifications of IRF634 MOSFET, this explanation is really useful for a better understanding

Voltage specs

The voltage specifications of IRF634 MOSFET are a drain-to-source voltage is 250V, a gate-to-source voltage is 20V, and gate threshold voltage is 2V and 4V.

The terminal and switching voltage specs of IRF634 MOSFET indicate that it is a higher voltage device that had multiple power-related applications.

Current specs

The current value of IRF634 MOSFET is 8.1A and the pulsed drain current value is 32A, the current specifications of this device show, it is a higher ability to withstand higher loads.

Dissipation specs

The dissipation ability of IRF634 MOSFET is 74W, it is the product of voltage and current transferring at the device.

The power dissipation of this device is mainly depended on the device package.

Drain to source on-state resistance

The drain to source on-state resistance is 0.45Ω, it is the total resistance value offered by the IRF634 MOSFET.

Junction temperature/storage temperature

The junction temperature/storage of the IRF634 MOSFET is –55 to +150℃, it is the total temperature capacity of the device.

Thermal resistance, junction to case

The thermal resistance, junction to the case of IRF634 MOSFET is 1.7℃/W

Total gate charge

The total gate charge of IRF634 MOSFET is 41Nc.

Rise time

The rise time value at IRF634 MOSFET is 21ns, it is the switching speed offered by this device.

Input capacitance

The input capacitance of IRF634 MOSFET is 770pF, the input capacitance value of the device is very important for circuit application.

Output capacitance

The output capacitance value of IRF634 MOSFET is 190pf


If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link


IRF634 MOSFET has equivalent devices such as IRF644, IRFB13NS04, IRF034, IRF054, and IRF054SMD, most of the electrical specifications are the same.

We need to check and verify some of the important specs such as voltage, PINOUT details, and current because this is an important criteria to consider for some of the applications.

IRF634 vs IRF644 vs IRF034

Drain to source  voltage (VDS))250V250V60V
Gate to source voltage (Vgs)20V20V20V
Gate threshold voltage (Vg(th))2 to 4V2 to 4V2 to 4V
Drain current (ID)8.1A14A25A
Pulsed drain current32A56A100A
Total gate charge (Qg)41nC60nC21 to 47nC
Power dissipation (PD)74W125W75W
Junction temperature (TJ)-55 to +150°C-55 to +150°C-55  to +150°C
Drain to source on-state resistance (RDS)0.45Ω0.28Ω0.050 to 0.058Ω
Rise time (tr)21ns24ns110ns
Reverse recovery time (trr)220 to 440ns250 to 500ns220ns
Input capacitance770pf1300pf     1300pf
Output capacitance190pf330pf650pf

IRF634 MOSFET graphical characteristics

output characteristics of IRF634 MOSFET
output characteristics of IRF634 MOSFET

The graph shows the output characteristics of IRF634 MOSFET, the graph plots with drain current vs drain to source voltage.

The drain current characteristics increase initially and become constant, then it constantly increases towards infinity.

safe operating area characteristics of IRF634 MOSFET
safe operating area characteristics of IRF634 MOSFET

The graph shows the safe operating area characteristics of IRF634 MOSFET, this graph plots drain vs drain to source voltage, switching speed, and on-state resistance.

IRF634 MOSFET applications

  • DC/DC converter circuit apps
  • AC/DC converter circuit
  • SMPS circuit
  • Power supply applications
  • Fast switching circuit
  • Industrial purpose circuit applications
  • High-efficiency circuit applications
  • Switching circuit

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