IRF350 specification

  • IRF350 is an N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET
  • Drain to source voltage (VDS) is 400V
  • Gate to source voltage (VGS) is +/- 20V
  • Gate to the threshold voltage (VGS (th)) is 2V to 4V
  • Drain current (Id) is 14A
  • Pulsed drain current (IDM) is 56A
  • Power dissipation (PD) is 150W
  • Total gate charge (Qg) is 52 to 110nC
  • Drain to source on-state resistance (RDS (ON)) 300Ω
  • Rise time (tr) is 190ns
  • Thermal resistance junction to case (Rth j-C) is 83K/W
  • Junction temperature or storage temperature (TJ) is between -55 to 150℃
  • Body diode reverse recovery (trr) 1200ns
  • Input capacitance is 2600pf
  • Output capacitance is 680pf
  • High-speed switching device
  • Repetitive avalanche rating
  • Dynamic dv/dt rating
  • Simple drive requirement

IRF350 Pinout

IRF350 Pinout
IRF350 Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 GATE The gate terminal will be used to trigger the MOSFET device
2 DRAIN The drain is the input terminal of the MOSFET
3 SOURCE In the source, terminal current flows out from the MOSFET 


IRF350 MOSFET package

The IRF350 MOSFET has a TO-3 transistor package, TO-3 is a metal can-covered package.

TO-3 package is a three-terminal device that is made of METAL covering, the outer coating will increase temperature stability and be used for high-power applications.

IRF350 MOSFET electrical specification & application notes

Here in this section, we explain the IRF350 MOSFET specification, this explanation is really helpful for a better understanding of the device.

Voltage specs

The voltage specs of IRF350 MOSFET are a drain-to-source voltage is 400V, a gate-to-source voltage is +/-20V, and a gate threshold voltage is 2V to 4V.

The voltage specifications of IRF350 MOSFET shows that it is a high-voltage device having multiple power applications.

Current specs

The current value of IRF350 MOSFET is 14A, it is the maximum load capacity of the device.

The pulsed collector current value of IRF350 MOSFET is 56A, it is the current value at specific conditions.

Dissipation specs

The power dissipation value of IRF350 MOSFET is 150W, it is the value mainly depends on the device package.

Drain to source on-state resistance

The on-state resistance value of IRF350 MOSFET is 0.300Ω, it is the total resistance ability of the device.

Junction temperature/ operation temperature

The junction temperature and storage temperature of the IRF350 MOSFET is –55 to +150℃.

Thermal resistance junction to case

The thermal resistance, junction to the case of IRF350 MOSFET is 0.83K/W

Total gate charge

The total gate charge value of IRF350 is 52 to 110nC.

Rise time

The rise time value for IRF350 MOSFET is 190ns, which is the switching speed of the device.

Output capacitance

The output capacitance of IRF350 MOSFET is 680Pf, it is the total capacitance offered by the device.


If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link


The IRF350 POWER transistor has equivalent devices such as IRF3315, IRF330, IRF440, IRF3515s, and IRF360, and each of them has the same set of electrical specifications.

The voltage specs and PINOUT details of IRF350 MOSFET are very important at the circuit level, so we need to check and verify them to become the replacement process.

IRF350 vs IRF330 vs IRF440

Drain to source  voltage (VDS))400V400V500V
Gate to source voltage (Vgs)20V20V20V
Gate threshold voltage (Vg(th))2 to 4V2 to 4V2 to 4V
Drain current (Id)14A      5.5A8A
Pulsed drain current56A22A32A
Thermal resistance, junction to case   0.83℃/W--
Total gate charge (Qg)52 to 110nC17 to 39nC27.3 to 68.5Nc
Power dissipation (PD)150W75W125W
Junction temperature (TJ)-55 to +150°C-55 to +150°C-55 to +150℃
Drain to source on-state resistance (RDS(on))0.300Ω1Ω0.85Ω
Rise time (tr)190ns73ns73ns
Reverse recovery time (trr)1200ns700ns700ns
Input capacitance2600pf1300pf1300pF
Output capacitance680pf310pf310pF

IRF350 graphical representations

output characteristics of IRF350 MOSFET
output characteristics of IRF350 MOSFET

The figure shows the output characteristics of IRF350 MOSFET, the graph plots with drain current vs drain to source voltage.

At the different gate to source voltage values, the drain current increases and become infinity with respect to drain to source voltage.

Applications of IRF350 MOSFET

  • Voltage control applications
  • Very fast switching applications
  • Temperature stability applications
  • SMPS
  • Motor control applications
  • Inverter applications
  • Chopper circuit
  • Audio amplifier applications

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