CS630 N-channel MOSFET

CS630 N-channel MOSFET
CS630 N-channel MOSFET

CS630 MOSFET specification

  • It is an N-channel MOSFET device
  • Drain to source voltage (Vds) is 200V
  • Gate to source voltage (Vgs) is 30V
  • Gate to the threshold voltage (Vg (th)) is 4V
  • Drain current (Id) is 9A
  • Power dissipation is (Pd) is 72W
  • Drain to source on-state resistance (RDS) 4ohm
  • Rise time (tr) is 60ns
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is between 150℃ 

CS630 MOSFET Pinout

CS630 MOSFET Pinout
CS630 MOSFET Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Gate Current flows through the drain   
2 Drain Gate will trigger the MOSFET
3 Source Current flows through the source


CS360 MOSFET package

The package used at CS360 MOSFET in TO-220 is a device package mainly used for high-power MOSFET devices.

 The TO-220 MOSFET is made with a combination of plastic and metal, the backside metal coating helps the device to transfer the heat towards the heat sink easily.

2SC458 transistor

CS360 MOSFET specification description

The CS360 is an N-channel MOSFET device mainly used for higher power applications.

In this section we try to explain the electrical specification of CS360 MOSFET, this explanation will help us to know about the MOSFET device, and also it is really helpful for circuit designers.

Voltage specs

Drain to source voltage is 200v, the gate to source voltage is 30v and the gate threshold voltage is 4v, the voltage values will show that it is a high power MOSFET device.

Current specs

The drain current value is 9A, the current value shows the maximum load withstanding capacity.

Dissipation specs

Maximum power dissipation at CS360 MOSFET will be 72W, this value shows it is a power MOSFET that has a high power capacity.

Rise time (tr) specs

This value shows the speed of operation of MOSFET at a circuit, the value will be 60ns.

Junction temperature

The junction temperature of 2n5133 is 150℃.

CS360 MOSFET Datasheet

CS360 MOSFET Datasheet
CS360 MOSFET Datasheet

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link


The MOSFET devices such as CS60N0A4, CS630D, CS6215PBF, and CS6305 are the equivalent MOSFETs.

Each of these MOSFETs has almost the same electrical and physical specifications, we can easily replace some of them.

CS630 vs CS630D vs CS6215PBF

Drain to source voltage (Vds)200V200V150V
Gate to source voltage (Vgs)30V15V20V
Gate threshold voltage (Vg(th))4V5V4V
Drain current (Id)9A5A13A
Power dissipation72W46W110W
Junction temperature (TJ) 150°C150°C150°C
Drain to source on-state resistance (RDS)0.4ohm0.5ohm0.19ohm
Rise time (tr)60ns--

The above table is an electrical comparison chart of three identical MOSFET device, we can see that the voltage and current specs of each MOSFET is the same.

But the power dissipation of each MOSFET is different and CS360 MOSFET had a larger dissipation value compared to other devices.

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