bc547 transistor datasheet

bc547 Transistor
bc547 Transistor

BC547 specification

  • NPN BJT Transistor
  • DC Current Gain range is 110 to 800 hFE
  • Collector current (IC) is 100mA
  • Emitter to Base Voltage (VBE) is 6V
  • Collector to Emitter Voltage (VCE) is 45V
  • Collector to Base voltage (VCB) is 50V
  • Base Current (IB) is 5mA maximum
  • Available in TO-92 Package

BC547 Pinout

BC547 Pinout
BC547 Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Collector Current flows out through collector
3 Base Controls the biasing of the Transistor
3 Emitter Current flows in through emitter


BC547 Description

  • bc547 Transistor is a general-purpose bipolar NPN transistor, the minimum to maximum gain value of the BC547 transistor will be 110 to 800Hfe, and this particular value will decide the amplification ability of the transistor device.
  • The maximum collector current means, the maximum allowable current on the transistor BC547 is 800Ma.
  • And the maximum bias current towards the BC547 transistor is 5mA.
  • And the transition frequency of the BC547 transistor is 30MHZ, the frequency value is important when the transistor will work on switching operations.

Datasheet of BC547

Datasheet of BC547
Datasheet of BC547

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link BC547

BC547 Equivalent

  • The best suggestions for the bc547 transistor equivalent is BC series such as BC549 and BC639, Then also the 2n2222 transistor is the best equivalent.
  • BC636 is the PNP equivalent for BC547, 2n2369, 2n3055, 2n3904, 2n3906 and 2sc5200.

BC547 equivalent 2n3904

  • The 2n3904 is a perfect equivalent for BC547 transistor, the voltage and current specifications of both transistor is the same.
  • The gain of 2n3904 is 300hFE, transition frequency is 300MHZ.
  • The applications of both transistors are the same

BC547 Application

  • The BC547 is a general-purpose transistor type, which had applications wider.
  • Amplifier circuits
  • Preamp circuits
  • Driver circuits
  • Switching circuits
  • PMW circuits
  • Alarm circuits
  • Water level indicator circuits
  • Sensor circuits
  • Touch switch circuits
  • Volume level changing circuits

BC547 amplifier circuit

BC547 amplifier circuit
BC547 amplifier circuit
  • The figure shows the basic amplifier circuit using BC547, in which the circuit has only four components.
  • Input resistor and capacitor will be used as bypass components and the resistor is the biasing agent for bias of the BC547 transistor.
  • So when the audio signal reaches the input, the transistor amplifies and given the signal to the output speaker.

BC547 as a switch

BC547 as a switch
BC547 as a switch
  • The figure shows the basic circuit of BC547 as a switch, the circuit has two resistors for drive LEDs and a transistor bias terminal.
  • As when the switch becomes close the current starts to flow through the circuit and the transistor works as a switch.
  • And make the LED ON and off with a proper time interval.

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