bc337 transistor

bc337 transistor
bc337 transistor

BC337 specs

  • NPN transistor
  • Collector to base Voltage (VCB) is 50V
  • Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) is 45V
  • Emitter to base voltage (VEB) is 5V
  • DC Current Gain range is 100 to 630hFE
  • Collector current (IC) is 800mA
  • Transition frequency (FT) is 210MHz
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is +150°C

BC337 pinout

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Collector The current flows through the collector
2 Base The base is the trigger for the device
3 Emitter Current flows through the emitter


BC337 pinout
BC337 pinout

TO-92 package

  • The TO-92 package is used on the BC337 transistor, the BC337 is a general-purpose transistor, so TO-92 is called the less expensive package.
  • A mixture of epoxy and plastic is used to make the BC337 package, due to these materials the BC337 transistor is compact.
TO-92 package
TO-92 package

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

 BC337 Description

The BC337 is a general-purpose transistor used at low power circuit applications and the usage of BC337 transistor in the common appliance is enormous.

The maximum current gain of the BC337 transistor is 100 to 630hFE, and the gain value is more important at the amplifier circuits. 

The maximum collector current or load current of the BC337 transistor is 800mA, which means the peak load is currently allowable to this transistor.

The power dissipation on this transistor is 625mW, this value indicates the maximum power dissipation on this transistor device.

The transition frequency of the BC337 transistor is 210MHZ, it is an important factor when the transistor works in high switching applications.

The peak junction temperature allowable at the BC337 transistor is 150°C.

BC337 datasheet 

BC337 datasheet 
BC337 datasheet

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

BC337 transistor Equivalent 

  • Equivalent transistor for the BC337 transistor is 2n2222, 2n3904, 2n4404, 2n7031 and BC358.
  • The transistors other than 2n4404 are NPN equivalent for the BC337 transistor, the 2n4404 is a PNP equivalent for BC337.
  • The electrical and physical specifications of all of the transistors in this list are almost similar. 

BC337 vs 2n2222 vs BC547 vs BC237

  • In the below table, we try to compare the electrical characteristics of BC337 vs 2n2222, BC547 vs BC337, and BC237 vs BC337.
  • This electrical comparison between transistors will help us to spot a particular transistor, for replacing or other purposes.
Collector to base voltage (VCB)50V50V60V50V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE)45V45V30V45V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)5V6V5V6V
Collector current (IC)800mA100mA800mA100mA
Power dissipation625mW500mW500mW350mW
Junction temperature (TJ)150°C150°C200°C150°C
Transition frequency (FT)210MHZ300MHZ250MHZ100MHz
Noise (N)-10dB-10dB
Gain (hFE)100 to 630hFE110to 800hFE30to 300hFE150 to 460hFE

BC337 transistor uses

  • Low power audio amplifier
  • Small signal amplifier
  • Switching circuits
  • Audio frequency driver
  • Motor control circuits

BC337 amplifier circuit

  • This is a circuit of an amplifier using a BC337 transistor with a complementary PNP transistor BC327.
  • The amplifier consists of three transistors BC337, BC327, and BC547.
  • It is a Class AB amplifier, when the audio reaches the circuit, the BC547 transistor acts as a preamp and amplifies the signal, and passes towards the main section.
  • The amplifier’s main section consists of a push-pull section that is BC337 and BC327, both of the transistors done amplifications and pass over the signal towards the 8ohm speaker.
BC337 amplifier circuit
BC337 amplifier circuit

BC337 switch circuit

BC337 switch circuit
BC337 switch circuit
  • The figure shows the BC337 transistor switch circuit, the load used in the circuit is LEDs.
  • When the switch closes, the base resistor passes a trigger pulse to the transistor base and the transistor becomes ON.
  • Then transistor passes the voltage to the LEDs.
  • This results in turning ON LEDs.
  • The BC337 transistors had many applications at low-power switching circuits.

BC337 relay driver  

BC337 relay driver
BC337 relay driver
  • The relay driver using the BC337 transistor is a simple process.
  • The BC337 transistor is used to control the flow of current in the relay circuit and make a path for the high current to flow.
  • The combined operation of flywheel diode and transistor make a good relay driver circuit.

BC337 price

  • The BC337 transistor is a low-power general purpose transistor, BC337 had applications on general appliances and circuits.
  • The price for a BC337 transistor will be 15rupees for 5pieces or 0.20USD dollars.

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  1. The BC337 SYMBOL pinout you drew is WRONG. The correct is:

    1 – EMITTER
    3 – BASE

    Greetings from Argentina!

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