A1015 transistor

A1015 transistor
A1015 transistor

A1015 transistor specification  

  • It is a Bipolar PNP Transistor
  • DC Current Gain range is 70 to 400hFE
  • Collector current (IC) is -150mA
  • Collector to base Voltage (VCB) is -50V
  • Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) is -50v
  • Emitter to base voltage (VEB) is -5V
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is 150°C
  • Power dissipation at the transistor is 400mW
  • Transition frequency (FT) is 80MHz
  • Noise figure (NF) is 6dB


A1015 transistor pinout

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Emitter Current flows through emitter terminal  
2 Collector Current flow through the collector
3 Base The base terminal triggers the transistor


A1015 transistor pin diagram

A1015 transistor pin diagram
A1015 transistor pin diagram

TO-92 package

The transistor package used at a1015 transistor is the to-92, the component size is very less at this package.

The mixture of material used to build the a1015 is epoxy and plastic, the compatibility and moderate power dissipation are the main advantages of the TO-92 transistor package.

A1015 Description

The a1015 is PNP general purpose transistor, the low voltage, and low power capability of this device make this transistor more reliable to use in wider common applications.

The current gain at a1015 transistor will be starting on 70 to 400Hfe, the current gain value will be important at applications like an amplifier, the a1015 transistor had moderate values at maximum gain.

The maximum collector current at a1015 transistor is -150Ma, the current value indicates the peak load current allows at the a1015 transistor, almost all the transistor-based applications utilize the current value. 

The power dissipation at a1015 transistor is 400Mw, this value indicates the total power dissipation allotted at this transistor device, the to-92 package had very minimum dissipation capacity.

The transition frequency on the a1015 transistor is 80MHZ, it is an important factor in switching application circuits.

The junction temperature of a1015 transistor is 150°C.

A1015 transistor datasheet 

A1015 transistor datasheet 
A1015 transistor datasheet

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

A1015 transistor Equivalent 

The transistor equivalent for a1015 transistor will be 2sa1015, 2sa1267, 2sb560, ksa1015 and kta1266.

The list of the equivalent transistor is very much similar to a1015 transistor, the a1015 is a low power PNP device, and the combination circuit with complementary NPN is an important application.

At the replacement process of a1015 transistor, we need to cross verify the electrical values because some of the transistors on this list had higher voltage and current values.

A1015 vs c1815 vs a733 vs bc212

The transistors at the table below are used to compare each similar transistor to a1015, which is a1015 vs c1815 and a733 vs bc212.

The electrical characteristics of each transistor are compared at the table, this is helpful for replacement purposes.

Characteristics A1015 C1815 (NPN) A733 Bc212
Collector to base voltage (VCB)-50V60V-60V-60V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) -50V50V-50V-50V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)-5V5V-5V-5V
Collector current (IC)-150mA150mA-150mA-300mA
Power dissipation 400mW400mW250mW625mW
Junction temperature (TJ)150°C125°C150°C150°C
Transition frequency (FT)80MHZ80MHZ180MHZ200MHZ
Noise (N)6dB1dB--
Gain (hFE)70 to 400hFE25to 700hFE90 to 600hFE40 to 300Hfe
Package TO-92TO-92TO-92TO-92

A1015 transistor uses

  • Audio frequency circuits
  • Switching circuits
  • At water level indictor circuits
  • Driver circuits

A1015 transistor amplifier  

A1015 transistor amplifier  
A1015 transistor amplifier

The figure shows the transistor amplifier circuit using a1015 and c1815 transistors.

It is a push-pull class AB amplifier circuit, the circuit consists of two transistors as amplification components and two diodes across the base for the opposite purpose.

When the audio signal reaches the circuit, the input capacitor is used for bypassing purposes.

Then after the signal reaches both transistors considering the nature of the audio signal and the push-pull operation of both a1015 and c1815 make the signal much amplified.

A1015 transistor water level indicator  

A1015 transistor water level indicator
A1015 transistor water level indicator

The figure shows the application circuit using the A1015 transistor, the a1015 is known as the general-purpose transistor, this is due to the low electrical specifications of the transistor.

The water level indicator circuit consists of three a1015 transistors, with 3 indication LEDs.

The bases terminals of each transistor are connected to the resistor and the probes place at different water levels.

The working is very simple, each time the water at levels the circuit closes and is indicated on the LEDs.

A1015 transistor price

  • The a1015 is a low-power transistor device, which had more applications at the common electronic appliance.
  • The price for an a1015 transistor is 10rupees for 5 pieces or 0.13USD dollars.

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