2SC5200 transistor
2SC5200 transistor

2SC5200 transistor specs

  • It is BJT NPN Transistor
  • DC Current Gain range is 35 to 160hFE
  • Collector current (IC) is 15A
  • Collector to base Voltage (VCB) is 230V
  • Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) is 230v
  • Emitter to base voltage (VEB) is 5V
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is 150°C
  • Base Current (IB) is 1.5A
  • Power dissipation at the transistor is 150W
  • Transition frequency (FT) is 30MHz

2SC5200 pinout

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Base The base terminal triggers the device
2 Collector Current flow through the collector
3 Emitter Current flows through the emitter


2SC5200 transistor
2SC5200 transistor

 2SC5200 package

The transistor package used to build the 2sc5200 transistor is the TO-264 to-264 is classified as the power transistor package.

The electronic like thyristors, power transistors, integrated circuits, and MOSFET had these package, the TO-264 is made with plastic mixture with epoxy, and high power dissipation ability is the main advantage of this transistor package.

The TO-264 package is designed with a tiny hole for the easier attachment of heat sink with it.

2sc5200 Description

A 2sc5200 transistor is included in the power transistor category, this is due to the fact, and 2sc5200 had high current, high voltage handling capability.

Main applications for 2sc5200 transistor based on the power electronics such as high watt amplifiers and inverter circuits.

The peak current gain value at the 2sc5200 transistor is 35 to 160Hfe, the gain value is important at most transistor applications.

The maximum collector current at the 2sc5200 transistor is 15A, the maximum current value determine the peak load allowable for the 2sc5200 transistor, and the current value is utilized at applications like amplifier circuit and inverter circuit.

The peak base current at this transistor is 1.5A, the maximum allowable base voltage to trigger the transistor.

The maximum power dissipation at the 2sc5200 transistor is 150W, the power dissipation at a device shows the capacity of a transistor, the 2sc5200 is a power transistor, the design of this transistor help to dissipate more power.

The transition frequency at this transistor is 30MHZ, it is an important factor in switching applications.

The junction temperature at the 2sc5200 transistor is 150°C.

2sc5200 datasheet 

2sc5200 datasheet 
2sc5200 datasheet

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

2sc5200 Equivalent 

The 2sc5200 transistor equivalents are 2sc3320, 2sc5242, 2sd1313, mjw3281, ktc5200a and fjl4315.

Each of the transistors in this list is an NPN power transistor, and most of the specifications of every transistor are the same and similar with 2sc5200.

But at the replacement process of 2sc5200 with these transistors, we need to check and verify the voltage and current values.

2sc5200 vs ttc5200 vs 2n3055 vs 2n3773

The table below is used to compare each similar transistor with 2sc5200, at the list we can see 2sc5200 vs ttc5200 and 2n3055 vs 2n3773.

Each three of the transistors are much identical with 2sc5200, at this table, we try to compare the electrical characteristics of each transistor.

The specification comparison of transistors will really help at the replacement process.

Characteristics 2sc5200 2n3055 Ttc5200 2n3773
Collector to base voltage (VCB)230V100V230V160V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) 230V60V230V140V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)5V7V5V7V
Collector current (IC)15A15A15A16A
Power dissipation 150W115W150W150W
Junction temperature (TJ)150°C200°C150°C200°C
Transition frequency (FT)30MHZ2.5MHZ30MHZ-
Noise (N)----
Gain (hFE)35 to 160hFE35 to 160hFE35 to 160hFE5 to 60Hfe
Package TO-264TO-3TO-264TO-3

2sc5200 transistor uses

  • AF circuits
  • RF circuits
  • Frequency amplifier
  • Audio amplifier
  • Push-pull amplifier
  • High current switching circuits
  • Power supply circuits
  • Inverter circuits
  • Voltage regulator circuits

2sc5200 inverter circuit

2sc5200 inverter circuit
2sc5200 inverter circuit

The figure shows the miniature version of the inverter circuit using 2sc5200, the circuit consists of two 2sc5200 transistors, a step-up transformer, and a battery.

When the DC signal reaches the two-transistor network, the power switching operation of the 2sc5200 transistor makes the DC into AC.

But the voltage value is not enough for supply than the step-up transformer increases the level of voltage to 230v.

2sc5200 transistor price

  • The 2sc5200 is a high-power transistor device, which had more applications in power electronics.
  • The price for a 2sc5200 transistor is 74rupees per 5 piece or 1 USD dollars.

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