2SC458 transistor
2SC458 transistor

2SC458 transistor specification

  • It is a low power NPN transistor
  • Collector to emitter voltage is 30V
  • Collector to base voltage is 30V
  • Emitter to base voltage is 5V
  • Collector current is 0.1A
  • Power dissipation is 0.2W
  • DC current gain is 100 to 500hFE
  • Transition frequency is 230 MHz
  • Noise figure is 3dB
  • Junction temperature is between -55 to 150℃
  • Low-frequency amplifier device
  • Low power component

2SC458 transistor Pinout

2SC458 transistor Pinout
2SC458 transistor Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Emitter Current flows through the emitter 
2 Collector Current flows through the collector
3 Base  Base triggers the transistor


2SC458 transistor package

The package used at 2SC458 transistor is TO-92, it is a common low power transistor package used for low power general-purpose transistors.

The current and voltage readings of the 2SC458 transistor indicate that these transistors are very common at every small circuit.

2N5133 transistor

2SC458 transistor specification description

The 2SC458 is a low-power general-purpose transistor type used for project circuits and common small-scale circuits.

Voltage specs

The collector to emitter and collector to base terminal voltage is 30v and emitter to base voltage is 5v, the voltage specs show that 2SC458 is a low power transistor.

Current specs

The collector current value of the 2SC458 transistor is 0.1A, so the overall power produced within this transistor is minimum.

Dissipation specs

The power dissipation value is 0.2W, the transistor package 2SC458 device had will generate a low power.

Current gain specs

Dc current gain of 2SC458 transistor is 100 to 500Hfe, the gain value of transistor is very important for amplifier and voltage regulation circuit applications.

Transition frequency specs

The transition frequency value of this transistor is 230MHz, this must more important at switching applications.

Noise specs

The noise figure is the important feature of 2sc458, 3dB is the noise this transistor can offer.

The junction temperature of -55 to 150℃, this is the most common temperature value for a general-purpose transistor device.

2SC458 transistor datasheet

2SC458 transistor datasheet
2SC458 transistor datasheet

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

2SC458 transistor equivalent

The transistors such as 2n3708, 2sc1815, 2sc2458, 2sc2960, 2sc3114, c945, h945 and ksc1815 are the transistor equivalent for 2SC458.

Each transistor of the above list had almost the same electrical and physical specification as 2sc458, this is why we select these transistors as the equivalent.

At some circuit applications, we just need almost the same transistor device to replace to get a better result.

2SC458 vs 2sc3920 vs 2sc3918

The table below compare three transistor specifications of 2SC458 vs 2SC3920 vs 2sc3918.

Characteristics 2sc458 2sc3920 2sc3918
Collector to base voltage (VCB)30V50V50V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) 30V50V50V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)5V10V6V
Collector current (IC)0.1A0.5A0.5A
Power dissipation 0.2W0.6W0.3W
Junction temperature (TJ)150°C150°C150°C
Transition frequency (FT)230MHZ250MHZ250MHZ
Noise (N)3dB--
Gain (hFE)100 to 500hFE50hFE50hFE
Package TO-92TO-92TO-92s

From the above comparison table we spotted that each of the transistors had almost the same electrical and physical specifications, we can spot a big difference in the DC current gain of each transistor.

2sc458 had a better DC gain value than 2sc3920 and 2sc3918.

Uses of 2SC458 transistor

  • Audio preamplifier
  • Drivers and switching loads up to 100Ma
  • Low gain signal
  • RF circuits

2SC458 transistor characteristics curves

2SC458 transistor characteristics curves
2SC458 transistor characteristics curves

The figure shows the characteristics curve of the 2SC458 transistor, the graph plotted between noise vs frequency.

The graphical variations are been varied in a fixed current, resistance, and voltage values.

 The figure shows an inverted parabolic shape, which shows that both noise and frequency are inversely proportional to each other.

characteristics curve of 2SC458
characteristics curve of 2SC458

The figure shows the characteristics curve of 2SC458, the curve shows the noise vs CE voltage.

The graph plotted between noise vs collector to emitter voltage, graphically noise figure and voltage will be linearly increased.

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