2N6028 transistor

2N6028 transistor
2N6028 transistor

2N6028 transistor electrical specification

  • 2N6028 is a programmable unijunction transistor device
  • Forward cathode to gate voltage is 40V
  • Reverse gate to anode voltage is 40V
  • Reverse gate to cathode voltage is –5V
  • Anode to cathode voltage is +/-40V
  • Gate current is +/-50Ma
  • Peak output voltage is 8 to 1.5V
  • Offset voltage is 2 to 0.6V
  • Pulse output voltage is 6 to 11V
  • DC forward anode current is 150mA
  • Power dissipation is 300W
  • Junction temperature is between -55 to 100℃
  • Thermal resistance, junction to the case is 75℃/W
  • Rise time is 40 to 80ns

2N6028 PINOUT  

2N6028 PINOUT  
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Anode (A) Anode is the positive terminal of the transistor
2 Gate (G) Gate is the triggering terminal of the device
3 Cathode (K) It is the negative terminal of the device  


2N6028 package

The 2N6068 programmable unijunction transistor has a TO-92 package, it is a general-purpose package mainly used at all common transistor devices.

TO-92 package is made of epoxy/plastic material which will provide high-temperature capacity and compactness as an electronic component.

2N6028 electrical specification description/application

In this section we explain the electrical specifications of the 2N6028 transistor, this explanation is very useful for a better understanding of the device.

Voltage specs

The terminal voltage values of the programmable 2N6028 transistor are the gate-to-cathode forward voltage is 40V, the gate-to-anode reverse voltage is 40V, the gate-to-cathode reverse voltage value is -5.0V, and the anode-to-cathode voltage value is +/-40V.

The offset voltage value is 0.2 to 0.6V, peak output voltage is 0.8 to 1.5V and pulse voltage rise value is 6 to 11V.

Current specs

The dc forward anode current value is 150mA and the gate current value is +/-50Ma, both of these current values are important in the programmable 2N6028 transistor device.

Junction temperature

The maximum temperature value of the 2N6028 transistor is -55 to +100℃.

Thermal resistance

The total thermal resistance value between the Junction to the case of the 2N6028 transistor is 75℃/W.

Rise time

The rise time value of the 2N6028 transistor is 40 to 80ns.


If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

2N6028 equivalent

NTE6402 is the equivalent unijunction transistor for the 2N6028 device, it has a similar set of electrical specifications.  

2N6028 vs NTE6402

Gate to cathode forward voltage     40V40V
Gate to cathode reverse voltage5V5V
Gate to anode reverse voltage40V40V
Anode to cathode voltage40V40V
Offset voltage0.2 to 0.6V0.2 to 1.6V
Peak output voltage0.8 to 1.5V0.8 to 1.5V
Pulse voltage rise6 to 11V6 to 11V
Rise time40 to 80ns40 to 80ns
Gate current+/-50mA+/-50mA
DC anode forward current150mA150Ma
Thermal resistance75℃/W75℃/W
Temperature-55 to +100℃-55 to +150℃

2N3053 transistor applications

  • Timer circuit applications
  • Pulse generator circuit applications
  • Triggering circuit
  • Oscillator circuits

Characteristics of 2N6028 transistor

Characteristics of 2N6028 transistor
Characteristics of 2N6028 transistor

The figure shows the peak output voltage characteristics of the 2N6028 UNIJUNCTION transistor device, the graph plots with peak output voltage vs supply voltage.

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