2n3904 transistor

2n3904 transistor
2n3904 transistor

2n3904 specifications

  • It is an NPN BJT Transistor
  • DC Current Gain range is 30 to 300hFE
  • Collector current (IC) is 200mA
  • Collector to base Voltage (VCB) is 60V
  • Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) is 40v
  • Emitter to base voltage (VEB) is 6V
  • Transition frequency (FT) is 300MHz

 2n3904 pinout  

2n3904 pinout
2n3904 pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
Pin Number1 Pin NameEmitter DescriptionCurrent flows through the emitter
Pin Number2 Pin NameBase DescriptionBase terminal triggers the device
Pin Number3 Pin Namecollector DescriptionCurrent flows through the collector

TO-92 package

  • The package on the 2n3904 transistor in TO-92.
  • It is made up of a mixture of epoxy and plastic material.
  • Most of the transistors on the ‘BC’ and ‘2N’ series are been made with the TO-92 package.
  • The compatibility of the TO-92 package is the main advantage of a circuit.
TO-92 package
TO-92 package

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

2n3904 Description

  • The 2n3904 transistor is known as the general-purpose transistor device and technically they are designed to have low current and low power applications.
  • The maximum current gain of this transistor will start from 30 to 300hFE, this gain value will be important at amplifier applications.
  • The maximum collector current at 2n3904 transistor is 200mA, which means the maximum load current allowed on this transistor.
  • The power dissipation on the transistor is 625mW, this particular value indicates the power dissipation of this transistor device.
  • The transition frequency on this transistor is 300MHZ, it is an important factor in transistor switching applications.
  • The noise figure of the 2n3904 transistor is 5dB
  • The maximum junction temperature on the 2n3904 transistor is 150°C.

2n3904 datasheet 

2n3904 datasheet 
2n3904 datasheet

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

2n3904 transistor Equivalent 

  • The equivalent transistor for 2n3904 is BC549, 2n2222, 2n2369, 2n4401, KSP8098 and KTN2222a.
  • Each transistor in this list is NPN transistor equivalent for 2n3904.
  • The technical and physical aspects of all the transistors are the same.

2n3904 vs MPSA18 vs BC548 vs 2n3906

  • The table below listed all the transistor devices similar to the 2n3904 transistor.
  • In the table, we try to compare the electrical specifications of each of the transistors 2n3904 vs mpsa18, 2n3904 vs bc548, and 2n3904 vs 2n3906.
2n3904 MPSA18 Bc548 2n3906
Collector to base voltage (VCB) 2n390460V MPSA1845V Bc54830V 2n390640V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) 2n390440V MPSA1845V Bc54830V 2n390640V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB) 2n39046v MPSA186.5v Bc5485v 2n39065v
Collector current (IC) 2n3904200mA MPSA18200mA Bc548100mA 2n3906200mA
Power dissipation 2n3904625mW MPSA18625mW Bc548500mW 2n3906625mW
Junction temperature (TJ) 2n3904150°C MPSA18150°C Bc548150°C 2n3906150°C
Transition frequency (FT) 2n3904300MHZ MPSA18160MHZ Bc548300MHZ 2n3906250MHz
Noise (N) 2n39045dB MPSA184dB Bc54810dB 2n39064dB
Gain (hFE) 2n390430 to 300hFE MPSA18500 to 1500hFE Bc548110 to 800hFE 2n390630 to 300hFE
Package 2n3904TO-92 MPSA18TO-92 Bc548TO-92 2n3906TO-92


2n3904 application  

  • LED flasher circuit
  • Relay driver circuit
  • Module driver circuit
  • Amplifier circuit
  • Switching circuit
  • Preamp circuit
  • Signal amplifier
  • Sensor circuit

2n3904 amplifier circuit

2n3904 amplifier circuit
2n3904 amplifier circuit
  • The figure shows the amplifier circuit using a 2n3904 transistor.
  • The circuit consists of two 2n3904 transistors and 2sc1815 transistors.
  • The amplification of the audio signal is done initially by the Q1 2sc1815 transistor, then the signal reaches the input of the 2n3904 transistor.
  • As we can at the circuit both the 2n3904 transistor are connected back to back, that is the output signal from the Q2 transistor will pass towards the second transistor Q3.
  • Technically three-stage of amplification is done at this circuit to make an audio signal.

2n3904 as a switch  

2n3904 as a switch  
2n3904 as a switch
  • The mini version of 2n3904 as a switch is the circuit above.
  • The 2n3904 is a low-power general purpose transistor, here we can see minimum component will be used to switch the LED using the 2n3904 transistor.
  • When the switch is closed the current starts to flow through the transistor base and it triggers ON and sent a signal to the LED.
  • And the LED starts glowing.
  • Much higher circuit arrangements will be used at switching applications of the 2n3904 transistor.

2n3904 transistor price

  • The 2n3904 transistor is a low-power general purpose transistor, which had more applications at common appliances.
  • The price for 2n3904 is 9rupess for 3pieces or 0.12USD dollars.

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