2N2219 transistor

2N2219 transistor
2N2219 transistor

2N2219 transistor electrical specification

  • 2N2219 is an NPN switching silicon transistor device
  • Collector to emitter voltage is 30V
  • Collector to base voltage is 60V
  • Emitter to base voltage is 5V
  • Collector current is 800mA
  • Power dissipation is 800mW
  • DC current gain is 30 to 300hFE
  • Junction temperature & operating temperature is between -65 to 200℃
  • Thermal resistance is 59℃/W
  • Collector to emitter saturation voltage (VCE (SAT)) is4V to 1.6V
  • Transition frequency (TF) is 250MHz
  • Turn ON time (ton) is 35ns
  • Turn OFF time (toff) is 300ns
  • Output capacitance is 8pF

2N2219 transistor Pinout

2N2219 transistor Pinout
2N2219 transistor Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Emitter  Current flows through the emitter
2 Base Base terminal is used to trigger the transistor device
3 Collector Current flows through the collector and it is connected with the case of the package.


2N2219 transistor package

The 2N2219 transistor has TO-39 and TO-5 transistor packages, both of the packages are similar and powerful. The TO-39/TO-5 package is made with metal CAN, which is very good at heat resistance and power dissipation.

The 2N2219 is a medium power NPN transistor device mainly used for amplifier circuits and driver applications. 

2N2219 transistor electrical specification description

In this section, we try to explain the electrical specifications of the 2N2219 transistor device.

Voltage specs

The terminal voltage specs of the collector to base voltage are 60V, collector to emitter voltage is 30V, and emitter to base voltage is 5V, they had low voltage values.

The collector to emitter saturation voltage is 0.4V to 1.6V, it is the voltage value of the saturation region.

Overall voltage specifications of the 2N2219 transistor show that it is a general-purpose low-power device.

Current specs

The collector current value of the 2N2219 transistor is 800mA, and the load capacity of this transistor is under 800mA.

The current specifications of the 2N2219 transistor show that it is a device used for driver applications.

Dissipation specs

The power dissipation of the 2N2219 transistor is 800mW, the dissipation capability will mainly depend on the device package.

Current gain specs

The current gain value of the 2N2219 transistor is 30 to 300hFE, the gain value of the transistor shows the amplification factor.

Transition frequency

The transition frequency value of the 2N2219 transistor is 250MHz

Junction temperature

 The junction temperature of -65 to 200℃, which is a general-purpose transistor temperature value of capacity.

Thermal resistance

The thermal resistance of the 2N2219 transistor case is 59℃/W

Output capacitance

The output capacitance of the 2N2219 transistor is 8Pf

Turn-ON/OFF time

The turn ON time value is 35ns and the turn OFF time value is 300ns.

2N2219 transistor DATASHEET

If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

2N2219 transistor equivalent

The transistor devices such as 2N5551, 2N2218, NTE123, 2N3107, 2N3109, and 2N4403 are the transistor equivalent of 2N2219. The electrical specifications of these transistors are almost the same as 2N2219.

The 2N2219 is an NPN switching transistor which having TO-39 packaging, most of the above devices have the same physical specs as 2N2219. So we can use them as the equivalent at the circuits.

Complementary transistor of 2N2219

The complementary pair transistor of 2N2219 is the 2N2905 PNP transistor.

SMD version transistor of 2N2219

The SMD transistors such as BCW65 (SOT-23), FMMT2222 (SOT-23), KTN2N2222S (SOT-23), PMBT2222 (SOT-23), and KTN2222U (SOT-323) are the SMD equivalent of 2N2219 transistor.

2N2219 vs 2N2222

In the table below, we list the electrical specification comparison of 2N2219 vs 2N2222 transistor devices.

Collector to base voltage (VCB)     60V60V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE)30V30V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)5V5V
Collector to emitter saturation voltage (VCE (SAT))0.4V to 1.6V400mV to 1.6V
Collector current (IC)800mA800mA
Power dissipation800mW500mW
Junction temperature (TJ)-65 to +200°C-65 to +200°C
Thermal resistance59℃/W145K/W
Output capacitance8pF-
Transition frequency250MHz250MHz
Gain (hFE)30 to 300hFE75 to 300hFE
Noise figure-4dB
Turn OFF time200ns250ns
PackageTO-39/ TO-5TO-18

The electrical comparison table of 2N2219 vs 2N2222 states that both the transistor devices have identical specifications.

2N2219 transistor applications

  • Relay driver
  • LED driver
  • Amplifier modules
  • Signal amplifier circuits
  • Darlington pair
  • Small signal general-purpose circuits
  • RF circuits 

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