2N1308 transistor
2N1308 transistor

2N1308 transistor electrical specification

  • 2N1308 is an NPN germanium semiconductor transistor device
  • Collector to base voltage is 25V
  • Emitter to base voltage is 25V
  • Collector to emitter saturation voltage is 20V
  • Collector current is 300mA
  • Power dissipation is 150mW
  • DC current gain is 40 to 300hFE
  • Noise figure is 3dB
  • Junction temperature is between –65 to +100 ℃
  • Input capacitance is 13Pf
  • Output capacitance is 20Pf

2N1308 Pinout

2N1308 Pinout
2N1308 Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 COLLECTOR The collector is the output of the transistor
2 BASE The base terminal is used to trigger the circuit
3 EMITTER The emitter is the input of the transistor.


Collector PIN is left side of the package

Base PIN is at the middle of the package

Emitter PIN is on the right side of the package

2N1308 package

2N1308 germanium semiconductor-based transistor has a TO-5 package, it is a metal CAN-covered package.

TO-5 is a three-terminal device package made with metal CAN material which will provide higher temperature capacity.

TO-5 is a compact electronic package mainly used for small-scale applications and the metal covering will act as the heat sink at the circuit.

2N1308 transistor specification and application description

Here in this section, we explain the electrical specifications of the 2N1308 germanium transistor device, this explanation is really useful for a better understanding of the device.

Voltage specs

The terminal voltage specifications of the 2N1308 transistor are collector to base voltage is 25V and emitter to base voltage is 25V, the voltage values indicate it is a low-voltage germanium transistor.

The collector-to-emitter saturation voltage is 0.20V, which is the switching speed value of the device.

These transistors have voltage-based applications, so the specs show it is a general-purpose circuit device.

Current specs

The collector current value of the 2N1308 transistor is 300mA, it is the maximum load capacity of the device.

2N1308 transistor devices have small-scale switching and regulator application circuits.

Dissipation specs

The power dissipation ability of the 2N1308 transistor is 150mW, this value is the product of voltage and current produced at the circuit.

Generally, germanium-based transistors have low dissipation ability.

Current gain specs

The DC current gain value of the 2N1308 transistor is 40 to 300Hfe, these GAIN values are important for amplifier circuit applications.

Noise figure

The noise figure value of the 2N1308 transistor is 3Db, these transistor devices have more audio-based applications.

Maximum temperature

The maximum temperature value of the 2N1308 transistor is -65 to +100℃, the germanium transistor has a low-temperature capacity.

Output capacitance

The output capacitance value of the 2N1308 transistor is 20Pf, this value is important at the circuit level.


If you need the datasheet in pdf please click this link

2N1308 equivalent

2N1308 germanium transistor device have equivalent devices such as 2N1300, 2N1301, 2N1303, 2SA733 and 2N131, these are the equivalent transistors of 2N1308 transistor.

2N1308 vs 2N131

Characteristics   2N13082N131
Collector to base voltage (VCB)25V25V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE)15V15V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB)25V12V
Collector to emitter saturation voltage0.20V-
Power dissipation150mW0.085W
Collector current (IC)300mA0.01A
Junction temperature (TJ)-65 to 100°C85℃
Output capacitance20pF80PF
     Noise (N)3dB-
   Gain (hFE)40 to 300hFE50hFE

Applications of 2N1308 transistor

  • Designed for computer switching applications
  • Amplifier circuit applications
  • Oscillator circuit
  • Voltage regulator circuit
  • Signal processing circuit

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